The light.... / by Alan Strathman

At school today I really felt for the first time how little time I have left here. 

Technically school ends on Friday July 7th. But...
July 7th is a day for teachers but not students.
July 6th is graduation at an off-school site and there is no school that day.
July 5th is a field trip for a picnic with the infant department (Grades K, 1, 2).
July 4th the PC is hosting a barbecue on the beach in my village.
July 3rd is school but by then very few parents will be sending their boys to school.
June 30th is school and only slightly more parents will be sending their boys.
June 29th, tomorrow,  I have close-of-service medical exams in Castries.
June 28th, today, we finished exams.

I am often asked when I am leaving and now that I have made flight arrangements I can tell them an exact date (August 24th). Once school is finished the summer will fly by. But it will be a nice time. The whole process of leaving is already exciting and sad.  I am excited to have some time to decompress (August 25th to January 3rd) but I will miss St. Lucia and the people I have met here. Especially the kids.