Sports Day / by Alan Strathman

Term 2 in St. Lucian primary schools is known as sports term.  Each school has a sports day, which is basically a track meet.  It's a terrible term for teachers, though, because they do all the training for sports day during school time.  Many afternoons everyone goes down to the village field and practices running. But the time on the field is mostly a chaotic waste of time.

Anyway last Friday was Sports Day and then this past Monday they gave out medals. Our school has three houses, all named after local trees: Caribbean Pine, Blue Mahoe, and Lucaena (my house).

Here are some pictures of the medal ceremony.

There are many interruptions to the school day here. That is time off task. But the time spent training for Sports Day is repeated and systematic  time off task. Though I want to mention that my house, Lucaena, won sports day.