Stay tuned..... / by Alan Strathman

I wanted to let you all know that I am going to start blogging again very soon.  I have several good things to write about.  But let me say that for the last 6 months I have been spending most of my waking moments thinking about what to do next.  

I have been here just over 20 months now and I finish here in St. Lucia on August 25th. Part of my thinking has been whether or not I should extend my service here and stay another year. After almost constant dwelling, I have decided not to extend. So, if not here, doing this, then where, doing what?

First a little background. All my life, until I quitired (see QUITIRITIS! (WHAT?) /MARCH 21, 2015) in 2015 I was on a steady path from school to school to school to work. And then I stayed at my first job for 25 years. So a big part of my change of life (very different from the change of life) was jumping off the path and living life a little more spontaneously.  That was all well and good when I had a 27-month appointment and, importantly, 27 months of paid health insurance, ahead of me.  Now that I have just 179 health insured days left, the terrain is rougher.  Keep in mind, I wasn't stressing about it at all when ObamaCare was around.  But then some of you went and did the unthinkable.

Anyway, though I don't have any solid plans for my future I have adopted a much healthier perspective: Relax, it will all work out.