A Star is Nowhere Near Born / by Alan Strathman

One of my friends and fellow PCVs, named Hannah, works in her spare time doing reporting at a Lucian television station. She has done many reports that appear on the evening news.  She went to university in Connecticut, which is how her very modest self describes having graduated from Yale. And after her PC service she is hoping to go to graduate school in broadcast journalism.  She is really talented and already is terrific on air.

Each Wednesday she creates a segment for the local news called "Corps Values," which is a segment on some aspect of Peace Corps life and work. It is great work and also great public relations for the PC.

I have now appeared in two segments and I just know you are dying to see them. So here are the links.

Segment 1: I served as a counselor at Camp GLOW, which is week-long overnight camp for girls aged 13-18 to help them become more involved and engaged and empowered in their lives.  GLOW stands for Girls Leading our World. The camp was organized by another PCV named Cladia.  She did a wonderful job of putting the camp together and the girls benefitted greatly. SO the first clip is about the camp. The PC segments starts at 21:54.

The second segment covers the summer reading camp I put together at my school. This clip is  begins at 28:48.

As you will see, my suggestion that a star is not born is totally accurate.  But I am very glad I participated in both events and happy that they received some attention.