Weather and Lobster / by Alan Strathman

It is just after 6 pm EST and the weather is beautiful.  It was a good, though not great, beach day. Hot as can be, clear blue skies, though not much breeze. This has been the weather for the last 7 weeks.  It has been hot, hot, hot, very humid, and not at all breezy.  I walk to school with a change of clothes because I am drenched in sweat by the time I arrive. And I just marinate all day.

I mentioned the weather being nice tonight because that is supposed to change.  A storm, cleverly called Invest 97L,  is on the way and should arrive in the early morning hours. School has already been cancelled. Imagine that I had not told you that a storm is on the way and see if you can tell from this forecast what day will be bad:

Let me help.  Do you think it is the day where they predict 8 millimeters (.31 inches) of rain, 5 mm (.20"), 2 mm (.08"), or 156 mm (6.14")? Invest 97L has yet to be labelled a tropical depression (winds < 37 mph) which means it's very far from a tropical storm (37-73 mph) and very, very far from a Category 1 hurricane (74-95 mph). The PC has issued a STAND FAST order, which means we have to stay put. They actually gave us the option of staying home, staying with another volunteer who lives on higher ground, or staying with our host family. At my home, I am they say here.

On another note my friend Tony gave me this lobster:

He says he doesn't much care for them; the last time he had one he fed it to the dogs. But he's British. It's a big lobster too, easily 2 lbs. I'm off to cook!