CH-CH-CH-Changes... / by Alan Strathman

From time to time people ask me if I've changed over the 14 months and 2 days I have been here. Sometimes they seem to be asking a little too hopefully! Anyway, it is hard for me to say if I have changed because I live with myself so any change would be incremental, and, therefore, hard to see.

Last week, though, Kim, one of the PCVs who is finishing her service this month, remarked that my Lucian accent is coming along well.  So that's good news.

And I am aware of one other way I have changed. This is how I turn on the fan now.

In the U.S. I would have considered this fan broken.  But Lucians would not. They would think this fan works just fine.

Incidentally, I can also start propeller jets this way too.