Happy New Year! / by Alan Strathman

It is an exciting time here in St. Lucia. Today was the first day of the new year!  What year is that you ask? Today I had my first mango of the year.  Woo hoo!  It's an exciting time.

Many people think islands in the Caribbean don't have seasons.  So wrong.  We have two: mango season and the rest of the year.  Mango season, this year, runs from May 18 to probably sometime in November.

If you have eaten a mango you know it has a big pit in the middle.  This is basically what you are seeing here.  It may look like I finished this mango, but in fact, it is really only about half done because when a mango is actually finished the pit is a dry, desiccated stone, devoid of anything orange.  However I was at school and it was our 15 minute morning break. Plus, I had a shirt on (and typically do).  If the mango juice is not dripping down your forearms and down your chin onto your chest then you have not done a proper job of eating it.

I like to put on my bathing suit, go down to the beautiful, white sand beach here in Laborie, eat a mango, and then take a dip in the warm, azure Caribbean Sea to wash off.  Ha ha, I haven't done that......but I could.