Sports Day / by Alan Strathman

Last Friday was our district sports day. Laborie is in Educational District 7. We competed against nine other schools in a series of races. There are both boys and girls races and because we are a boys' school we team up the girls' school. 

Laborie Primary (the combined version) were the defending champions. And much to my surprise, we repeated as champions. Woo-Hoo! It was a fun day because teachers and parents cheer like crazy for their school.  I say much to my surprise because I never really think the boys at my school are all that athletic. We have 120 boys at our school, which is not a particularly big school in St. LuciaBut when you add the 120 or so girls at the girls' school we become a very big school. 

The races were held at the soccer (football) stadium in a town up the west coast called Soufriere. All the organizers do is paint lines on the grass field.  About 50% of runners ran in bare feet, about 30% ran in socks, and the rest ran in shoes. Any doubt you might ever have had about the value of running spikes would have been put to rest watching the kids slip and slide on the grass, particularly after a few brief showers.

Soufriere is a very picturesque town because it is on the coast and it is near the Pitons, two of the three tallest peaks in St. Lucia. Piton means peak in French and Creole. This picture shows the top of Piti (petit in French, small in English) Piton, from the stands of the Soufriere stadium. The other PIton is taller and is called Gwo (gros in French, big in English) Piton. 

I really need to do the posts on the Creole language that I have been meaning to do since October.