This is a Bake / by Alan Strathman

This is a bake. It may look like a ball of dough.  It's actually a little bit of heaven.  It is, indeed, dough. And contrary to its name, it's fried dough.  Bakes are delicious. They are basically donuts, but savory rather than sweet. I think if them as one of the national foods of St. Lucia.

If you get them warm you can have a light crispy outside and a fluffy inside. If they are old, they sit like lead weights in your stomach. 

You may also be thinking that bakes cannot be healthy.  They are not.  But that doesn't mean that when you are having a bad day at school you might not have three for lunch. I mean, hypothetically.  In situations like this, bakes are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

In every other instance, though, they are part of the problem here, where the incidence of hypertension and diabetes is extremely high. And the percentage of people who refrain from eating fried food is very low.  There is not even a movement to limit the amount of fried food eaten. And make no mistake, when you eat a bake, you can feel your cholesterol rising. There is a place in the village that serves only fried chicken and bakes. That is, friend chicken and friend dough.

Being at least somewhat health conscious, I limit my intake of bakes.  And fried fish. And fried chicken. And fried plantain. And french fries. And the many other fried foods served here. But it's possible I am the only one here who does!