Sweet, Sweet Lovin' / by Alan Strathman

Saturdays we have steel pan practice. The last few Saturdays we have been working on the song we will perform at Junior Panorama (Pan-orama, get it?). It is an island-wide pan competition held in June.  Of course neither my friend Doug nor I will participate in the competition because it is Junior Panorama.  Nonetheless,  because we are just learning songs and starting out we practice with the junior pan group.

So three times a week, about 20 people gather to practice; one is 52 years old, one is 44, and the rest are about 8. Sometimes this results in some awkwardness and others times in something approaching hilarity. The moment I describe below was a little of both.

The song we are working on is "We Makin Love." Perhaps you can see how this might result in some awkwardness. Yesterday we were practicing and there was a part I was unsure of.  When I have a question I ask Jainashel. She is a very smart, very sweet 14-year old East Indian girl who also plays the cello pan. Except she knows what she is doing. So I asked her about the part I was struggling with. She tried to explain what I was supposed to play by referring to the song lyrics, which can be a big help in getting a handle on a section of a song.

The part in question is one where the tenor pans, the band's front line, plays the beginning of a lyric and then Jainashel said we (the cello pans) come in to complete it. So she said they play "Gimme your," and then we come in with "Sweet, sweet lovin." Then there was a pause and she tittered nervously. 

I think I'm just not gonna ask anymore questions.