This Dog / by Alan Strathman

UPDATE: The dog came back.  Thank goodness.  She arrived around dinner time. I was so relieved.

Original Post:

This dog.  She is one of two dogs who live next door. The other dog is a little larger and darker colored, and is much less skittish.  I have been feeding these two dogs, and giving them bones, for about 6 weeks now. And still this one is too scared to let me touch her. The other dog lets me pet her and even plays with me sometimes.

This dog has never come over to my house alone. She is always with the other dog. This afternoon she showed up at my back door by herself. She is just outside my door in these pictures.

At any moment here, you can hear dogs crying. Last night, though, I heard a dog crying for longer than usual and then it just stopped.  And today, this dog came over alone for the first time.  Please do not let me discover the other dog is no longer around,  I have seen the mother in that family hit that dog very hard.  If the dog is gone, I could seriously lose my shit.