Sea Urchin / by Alan Strathman

As I have written many times now I am behind in my blog.  You may have read my blog post from October 25 when I wrote about Jounen Kweyol, Creole Day. If not I strongly urge you to do so,  :) I have meant, since then, to write about sea urchins, or what Lucians call sea eggs.

Sea urchin season lasts for a week every few years. That's right, it is not every year.  When they are in season it is for the week in October leading up to Creole Day. And they are a delicacy.

They cook them on home made grills.  In this picture the urchins are underneath the top layer of coals.  Mama Ju took me down to the beach and all along there people had these grills set up cooking urchins.


In the picture here you can see the shell and then the meat on top.  It actually takes the meat of about a dozen urchins to make one of these.

Now, though, I may have to wait a few more years until the  next sea urchin harvest.