The Prince....and the Vomit / by Alan Strathman

Today I was up early to go with two other teachers and 12 students to see Prince Harry who is visiting a few Caribbean islands and today was participating in a "fun" cricket exhibition. The Darren Sammy National Cricket Grounds, named after a current successful Lucian cricketer, is in the north of the island, a 75-minute bus ride from Laborie. That is, it's a 75-minute bus ride if you don't stop many times for various boys to vomit. 

In fact, five times we stopped because one boy or another felt car sick and had to throw up. We came to find out that none of these boys had either a good breakfast or any breakfast at all. I'm afraid it became a little tiresome.

We finally made it to the stadium. Not long thereafter Prince Harry came out to shake hands with the members of the two teams.  The Prince's team was playing the Prime Minister's team.  Both teams were composed of members of representatives from the Prime Minister's political party and members of the media.

I was disturbed that the public address announcer kept referring to Prince Harry as Prince Henry. At least a dozen times he did this.  Finally, I guess, someone mentioned it to him.  Thereafter, he alternated between the two. He ought to have been so mortified that he never said it wrong again. But Lucians don't do mortified. 

It turned out to be a boring event, just very chummy playing at cricket. Which left just the long drive home. I had some motion sickness pills in my bag and I gave one to each of the vomiters. They may have helped because only one boy continued to be sick. This one boy, Toby, did not have breakfast and had not eaten anything all day. Some of the boys were hungry so the bus stopped at KFC.  The first thing Toby had all day was fried chicken and french fries!  Was it any surprise that we had to stop again for him.

All in all this was a waste of time, though it did not have to be.  There was just no teaching surrounding the event.  But there are so many possible ways to have turned this into an educational field trip. My guess is that only three of the 12 boys could even tell you why we went to watch this silly event.