Thanksgiving Report / by Alan Strathman

A few times I have said that one reason I like blogging is because, after spending 25 years writing lectures and journal articles that required clear, concise, linear writing, I am thrilled to just ramble. Not all of my posts are rambling. But this one will be.

Today is U.S. Thanksgiving; it is not a holiday in St. Lucia. And I had a TG unlike any other, which I suppose was one of the goals of retiring and joining the PC.  I was going to stay home today and watch football and cook TG dinner. But then a) my Principal told me that the school was going to be visited by a group of primary school principals in the afternoon and he wanted me to be there to show off the library and b) sadly the husband of my Grade 2 teacher, Irma, passed away suddenly and the teachers at my school decided we would go visit Irma after school today. So, I went to school in the afternoon.

Before I went to school I made some chicken--turkey is very expensive here, about $16 EC per kilo, and all the turkeys were at least 4 kilos (8.8 pounds)--and mashed potatoes.  Last night I made cranberry sauce. And I planned to make stuffing and corn when I got home (I need to learn how to make gravy). After we visited Irma, some of the teachers wanted to go for a drink. Now, in St. Lucia, that doesn't mean finding a bar. It means going to the store having their yearly alcohol sale, buying $110 EC worth of liquor and driving to the beach to drink. But before that my Principal, who was driving me, decided he would drive for about 25 minutes to get some pork.

When we got to the beach we started drinking rum and soon they all starting talking about relationships and sex. Many times I wanted to interrupt and say, "Excuse me, the research clearly shows that...," but I didn't think that would go over well. So I just listened and drank rum.

Then I came home, heated up the food I made in the morning and cooked the stuffing and corn.  It was delicious.  I missed both of the early football games. And the dog show for that matter.  Many of the Peace Corps are getting together on Saturday for a more traditional TG celebration.

Tomorrow, I am going to school early so I can chaperone a group of 15 boys to a cricket match up north where Prince Harry, who is visiting St. Lucia, will be in attendance.  See, different.

By the way, this is a picture of Daphne, who really likes it on the couch but who smelled chicken.

I hope you all had a nice TG.