My shirt got wet too / by Alan Strathman

It is really hot here. No surprise, it's the Eastern Caribbean after all. But it has been hotter than it needs to be.  Even Lucians think it is unusually hot.

So, it's hot and every morning when I walk to school I have to walk up a hill right toward the rising sun. As a result every day I arrive at school drenched in sweat.  So drenched I sweat through my shirt. This picture isn't at all as bad as it usually is. And my shirt is soaked through on my back.

I finally realized that I need to wear one shirt to school and bring my school shirt in my bag. The other day I asked Justin, the boy below,  why he did not have his uniform on.  He said "I did, but my shirt got wet."  All I could think was, "So did mine, my boy, so did mine."

By the way, Justin is a very sweet looking boy. You might even be able to tell from this poor photo.  He has an angelic face.  But do not be fooled.  No, no, Justin is no angel. He is as troublesome as a boy can be. Of course so is Jeremy. And Ethan. And Alpha. Jakim. Keyon. Shemron. Oh, never mind.