A Pail to Pee In / by Alan Strathman

Even after more than 16 months in St. Lucia I continue to be surprised by St. Lucian culture. Here is one minor example.

In Grade 1 Teacher Amanda and I were teaching the "ai" sound, like you have in the word "pail." I was going around as the boys were doing their morning work, in which we had written words like p _ _ l on the board. Boys needed to insert the "ai" to make a word.

One boy asked what a pail is.  We live on an island with sandy coasts in the middle of the ocean. So pails are used to make sand castles. I said something like, "it's like a bucket with a handle." The boy said, "like you pee in?" Ha ha, yes, like you pee in.

As I continued around another boy asked what a pail is.  I gave him the same answer and he responded by saying, "like you pee in?" Yes, like you pee in.

To the third boy who asked, I added, "like you pee in" to my original answer.

And come to think of it, I have not seen a single Lucian child making sand castles.