School Starts Tomorrow / by Alan Strathman

School starts tomorrow!  Finally.  I have been here 3 months and today is officially the last day of training.  So glad to be starting to do what I came here to do.

This past week was school prep.  I was at school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  And Wednesday was a productive day.  Most volunteers work to improve their school library.  That is, most primary school libraries here are either a) in a space not suitable for a library (closet, storage room), b) woefully lacking in appropriate books, or c) in need of better space AND more books.

When I saw my library on Wednesday you could tell that it was supposed to be a library, but was so filled with boxes and trash and a computer table that belongs elsewhere, that the library would not really be useable.  See what I mean...

Note also that in addition to all the stuff blocking access to the books, many of the shelves have termites. This is how you can tell.


After hours of hard work, with much lifting and toting by several people, this is what the library looked like by the end of the day:

Now that's looking like a library.  You can see my desk on the right side. I will start next week to examine the books and see what we have and what we need. It was a successful day and a nice way to start my time at the school.