Innocent Questions. Gone Awry. / by Alan Strathman

Every now and then I have a moment that feels very Lucian for me. And it's often unfortunate. When I had been here about a month I was doing a reading assessment with a child.  Before I started someone told me that after I was done with this assessment I could have lunch.  So I asked the child if they were going to have lunch when we were done.  Innocent question. The child said, "I don't have any food for lunch." Gone awry.  (Yes, I shared.)

Today I was, coincidentally, assessing another child's reading. I asked the child his name and he said Xxxxx Dominique.  My creole language tutor is named Mr. Dominique.  So, wondering if this child might be related to my tutor, I asked the child what his father's name was.  Innocent question.  The child said, "I don't know. My mother not yet tell me." Gone awry.

Both times it has happened I felt like I had walked into a wall that was clearly visible. Here is my new strategy for situations like this: Shut up more!