Was that tar wet? / by Alan Strathman

Yes.  Yes, it was.

So, I stepped in it wearing flip-flops and they both came off because......well, they were stuck in the tar. The two empty flip-flops looked so forlorn, kind of like a tribute to Jimmy Buffett or something. But by then my feet were covered and collecting little stones which were of course getting stuck in the tar.  I got the flip-flops back on and had to walk up to my apartment.  But I had to stop every few steps because my feet were becoming what felt like permanently adhered to the flip-flops.

I was walking on that street (that was being repaved) because I had to go to a nearby town (15 minute bus ride) to get groceries.  I did not have anything to eat and its not like the US where you can find food at any hour of the day or night.

Walking through the grocery store was agonizing because I had to keep repeating the process of taking off the flip-flops, each new attempt removing more and more skin from the bottom of my feet.  It was about 6 pm on a Saturday and there was just nowhere to find a store open that would sell turpentine.

I got back on the bus, rode back to Laborie, and just as an afterthought went to check the little grocery/hardware store in Laborie.  For some reason it was still open.  But there was no way it would be open AND have turpentine.  Except it did....in this cute little bottle that is the same bottle size and shape in which they sell pepper sauce (which they sell a lot of here). Look how cute it is. You would never find turpentine in the US in a bottle like this:

With the turpentine I was able to clean the porch, my living room floor, and my feet.  Nothing but my pride any worse for wear.