Home Sweet Home / by Alan Strathman

The 8 of us, the new volunteers on SL, moved into our new homes last Wednesday.  For some of us this means an entire house and for others, including me, it means the first floor of a house with the landlady living above.  

I spent a few days wandering and wondering where I would put everything.  Now, everything is a relative term because when I got here everything fit in 2 suitcases and a carry on. Since then, though, I have received a box of clothes and PC has given me a large stack of books and handouts.  This problem is as follows: There is a table in the living room that I need to move to the kitchen because who has a table in the living room.  Then there is a small armoire.  And there is a chest of drawers in which all the drawers but one are filled with the landlady's sheets and towels.  And that's is.  Not a bookcase, or a shelf, or a nightstand, coffee table or end table.  So I don't have anywhere to put even the small amount of stuff I own.

I went shopping with Julietta last week and instead of buying a bunch of plastic products (shelves, drawers, tables) she had the bright idea of having a friend of hers make me some simple, functional furniture.  So I hope he will come by sometime this week and take a look at what I need.

I will send a video of the place once it is in its final state.  In the meantime I wanted to send a video of a little walkthrough I did right when I moved in.  But the video is too big to upload to this site.  Instead, I uploaded it to YouTube so you can click on the link below to view it. It will give you a sense of where I live.  Despite the lack of drawers and surfaces it is a very nice place and I will be happy here.

And, yes,  I admit that it has cable TV and wifi. But there is cable TV only because the landlady pays for it. Click here. It includes some narration but you might need to turn up the volume to hear it.