My Second Lucian Family / by Alan Strathman

I have just finished my first week in Laborie. This is where I will live for the next two years.  And maybe more.  As I have said elsewhere it is a quaint fishing village on the southwest coast of St. Lucia.

I have two more weeks of training and then the following week I am sworn in as a Peace Corps volunteer.  Until that time I am still considered a trainee.  Five days this past week (including Saturday), and three or four days each of the next two weeks I will travel 2 hours each way to reach Castries, where the PC office is located, and where our training is held.  Once I complete those two weeks I will spend the vast majority of my time in my village.  The day after I am sworn in I will move into my own apartment, which is the bottom floor of a house in the village.  I have heard very good reviews about the apartment.

I was vey lucky in the family I was assigned to for my first home stay.  And I was very lucky, again, with my assignment to my current homestay family. I live with Julitta, AKA Mama Ju, her daughter Louise, and her grandson Junior.  They are all very nice to me.  I also benefit from living here because I can tell anyone I live with Mama Ju and they know who she is.  She knows everyone and everyone knows her.

Laborie is situated on the SW coast of the island and I can see the Caribbean Sea from Mama Ju's house.  In the picture below you can see part of the village football/cricket field, and then the sea.

I am still learning about the village but Lucians who hear I live in Laborie all have positive things to say about the village.  The residents are active, aware, and serious about promoting Lucian culture.

I am fortunate to be here.