Dancing and Drumming / by Alan Strathman

I just thought I would include the link for a short newspaper article that appeared today.  It was written about a cultural event that the PC organized for us, held at the Folk Research Center of St. Lucia.

They invited Jason, a two time winner of the St. Lucian Calypso competition, to teach us Lucian dances.  I took dance lessons for a while and it really helped me.  Though if anyone thinks I can learn a dance in 5 minutes, and then will be able to distinguish among the 7 dances they taught me, they should talk with my dance teacher Amanda.  She will set them straight.

You can find the article here. Yes,  that's my back in the picture.

After the dancing they asked two musicians to teach us to drum.  They assigned me the easiest job, on the bass drum.  Even though I thought I was doing a good job the teacher was getting irritated with me for not keeping time correctly.  

Despite my poor showing, it was really fun and I hope I have more chances to learn the dances and drumming.