Sworn In / by Alan Strathman

Today 10 weeks of pretty grueling training culminated in my being sworn in as an official Peace Corps volunteer.  Her Excellency, the Governor-General of St. Lucia, Dame Pearlette Louisy was in attendance and spoke at length. So was the Chief Education Officer from the Ministry of Education who also spoke.

We, as a group, gave a short speech in English and Kweyol (the native language), and also did a Lucian dance. It was a nice ceremony and we celebrated after with an afternoon at Reduit Beach.

We all move into our houses/apartments tomorrow, something we are all excited about. Next week, on September 1, we have our first meeting with our principals and our cooperating teachers, followed by a few days of school prep. And school, finally, starts on Monday September 7.

We arrived June 12 so when we start school on September 7 it will be after 12 weeks of training and preparation. It feels odd to think that we have been here so long,  done so much, and met so many people and we have not even started our work as PC volunteers.  Thankfully, that day is fast approaching.

For your entertainment, I give you Krista's picture of me, thinking very deeply about the Governor-General's remarks. That is Kimmy in the foreground. Note my tie in madras, the national fabric of St. Lucia.