Passed with Flying Colors / by Alan Strathman

Sorry this is a little out of order.  On Friday (before the day at the beach I described in my earlier post) we all had our FINAL Readiness to Serve Interview.  And I can say the PC has decided we are all ready to serve. The previous day, Thursday, we had our Safety and Security Quiz and our Creole Language Test and we all passed. (Though one of us, who shall remain nameless, received the lowest passable score on the Safety and Security Test. Evidently punching host country nationals at a bar who are attempting to isolate a woman in your group is NOT a culturally appropriate solution!)

This means training is over. It has been 10 long weeks but we all passed and are thrilled.  We are sworn in on Tuesday and move into our own apartments/houses on Wednesday.  Despite living with wonderful families, we are all ready to have our own place.  I am excited that on Thursday I am meeting up with Julietta (of my first home stay family) to do a little apartment-readying shopping.

We spent the afternoon on Friday at Chef Robbie's restaurant in Castries.  If you come to visit we can celebrate with a Bamboo Backshot there.

Here are the 8 of us, from L to R: Back row is Krista, Kimmy, Cladia, Tisha, Alan, Doug. Front row is Hannah and Brenda.