Ovwa Danny / by Alan Strathman

The Danny watch is officially over.  St. Lucia had beautiful weather yesterday, particularly for 6 newly minted PC volunteers (Brenda and Cladia had other plans and could not join us) who spent the day at Sab Wee-sha Beach in Choiseul.  Wikipedia describes it like this: This is a black sand beach just north of Choiseul with spectacular views of Gros Piton as well as views of neighbouring Saint Vincent.  The sand in the Eastern Caribbean ranges from pure white to lava black.....because many of the islands are volcanic and so have some amount of black sand.

There was also a 4.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Martinique yesterday morning that we felt on St. Lucia.  So, while awaiting the hurricane we had an earthquake. Anything other than a blizzard I can handle.

Danny has weakened back to a tropical storm and is going north of the windward Islands (my group of islands).  So we are all clear.

And here we are: