You're not in Kansas Anymore, Part V / by Alan Strathman

Hurricanes come and hurricanes go. Especially in the Eastern Caribbean. Hurricane season, AKA the rainy season, runs from June 1 until November 30, with June-August seeing the greatest chance of a storm developing.

The PC monitors storm activity closely and when a storm is in the early stages we start receiving emails from Angie, the Safety and Security Manager.  Fortunately hurricanes rarely sneak up on anyone since they tend to take some time to develop.

If St. Lucia is still in the path of the storm and the storm has maintained its strength,  we will receive an email, text message, and phone call from Angie notifying us to come to the consolidation point.  The consolidation point is a hotel in the northwest part of the island. If being in the consolidation point is not sufficient protection for us, we will be evacuated to either Barbados or Washington, D.C. All the PC volunteers in the Eastern Caribbean (on St. Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines) go to Barbados or D.C. Barbados is the closest place where there is an American embassy and evidently there is one in D.C. too.

There is little chance that any of us will be in any danger. The PC is very proactive in ensuring our safety.

But this is definitely not Kansas because in the comments for the approaching storm (Tropical Storm Danny), the meteorologists have indicated that Saharan dust to the north will likely weaken the storm.