And the Universe smiled / by Alan Strathman

Today was a big day.  It was the last day of Week 6 of PC training and the day we received our service assignments.  Everyone except me has been speculating nonstop in the last few days about who would go where.  I did not speculate much because  I knew that I would be staying on St. Lucia.

We had youth development training sessions in the morning and then again for an hour and a half after lunch.  I think it is fair to say that there was much inattention to the speaker due to the excitement of the day.  Is it possible to have situational ADD? If so, we did.

Finally 2:00 pm arrived and the assignment process started.  The Harry Potter fans amongst us decided that we should assign each island a Hogwarts house name (St. Lucia is Gryffindor, of course).  And Katia made a sorting hat.  We went to the front one at a time (I was first because everyone knew I was staying on St. Lucia.).  I sat, put on the sorting hat, and Sara the program director stood behind us and tried to sound like the sorting hat.  Then we each went to our tables and celebrated when someone else joined our house.

All I can say is that the universe smiled on me today.  I cannot remember the last time I had a day like this, with feelings like this, and an outlook like this.  I am so grateful to have had things work our so well.

And why do I think the universe smiled?  Because of where I was placed to live and teach. It is a small fishing village on the southwest coast of St. Lucia. I have always loved fishing villages for their unique character. Can you say fresh seafood? I know I will be able to.  

And just as important, the other seven PC volunteers assigned to St. Lucia constitute a terrific group of people who I am delighted to have around for the next two years.

I think about the way I bumbled my way through life, making bad decisions, and doing dumb things, and I am so thankful for what I have.

I have not been there yet but I am pretty sure you should come to visit.