It's all about the Benjamins! / by Alan Strathman

Finally, I am writing about my host family.  It's hard to know where to start.  They have been kind enough to take me into their home and treat me like family.  They are Sam and Julietta, and their kids Amy, Jhardel, and Samuel.  I took this great picture of them last week when they were returning home from church.  Samuel wasn't with them but the picture below is Jhardel and Samuel in their school uniforms.  I say often that Samuel only has two speeds--all out and dead asleep.  Sam's niece Kim is on the far left.

Sam works for the St. Lucia Ministry of Planning doing cartography work and also draws house plans. Julietta is an elementary school teacher. In addition, she cooks me breakfast and dinner, packs me a lunch to take to PC training, changes my sheets, and cleans my room.  I know, as one or two people have pointed out, I don't deserve all this kindness.  Amy, too, is a great cook and is very kind to me. 

The PC asked each host to teach their trainee some of the things we need to learn to live on our own in the EC, mainly cooking with local ingredients (more on local ingredients in the future, but in the meantime think starches) and washing our clothes by hand and hanging them to dry. Julietta has a washing machine but each week she has asked if I want to learn to wash my clothes by hand and so far I have declined, and used the machine.  But I will learn one of these Sundays. Maybe.

Whenever you know that you will be living with a family there is always some apprehension. You don't know what you are going to get and you can't help but consider the less than ideal possibilities. I should not have been the least bit concerned, though, because I was assigned to such a good family.  I sometimes feel like I won the family lottery.

Of course, I like to think they won the PC Trainee lottery!  I just don't ask if they agree.