The Difference of a Day (or Two) / by Alan Strathman

Just in case you saw the previous blog post and worried for my health, or sanity, or well-being, I wanted to tell you that now that a couple of days have passed things are brighter.  Of course, it isn't that they were all that dim two days ago.  I mean, I have retired and am living in St. Lucia. How bad can I guy feel in these circumstances?

Today in training we started doing some of the jobs we'll have when we are teaching. First, I did a reading assessment of a nice, little, 3rd grader named Daniel.  It was my first reading assessment and let's just be glad for Daniel's sake that it was only practice.  I have lectured to classes of 500 college students without a drop of anxiety-caused sweat.  Today, sitting in a corner with Daniel I was a mess.  I think in the 15 minutes I sat with him I produced a marathon's worth of sweat.  I forgot to complete two major sections despite having a set of step-by-step instructions to follow.  One of the master teachers who was moving from person to person watching our progress decided she needed to stay with me.  I think Daniel didn't read as well as he can because he was worried I might have a heart attack.  We go into the schools on Friday to do assessments that will be used by other teachers.  Glad I had some practice today.

Then in the afternoon we worked in groups to create a lesson plan we will use in a Grade 2 class tomorrow.

This was the best day of training because it felt like we were being trained to be teachers.  And we are all looking forward to the next couple of days when we get to be in the schools.

So my health (other than the near-coronary today) is fine, I am well,  and my sanity is as intact as it ever has been. Uh oh.