Best E-mail Ever / by Alan Strathman

I am sure that in the years since e-mail has been in use I have received many with good news. Today, however, I received a note that might be the best one ever.  That's right, ever.

--ON: 3/6/2015 12:27:38 PM   BY: Peace Corps Medical Office-------
Whew is right Alan,  You have everything we need submitted and complete. So, you are officially medically cleared to go to Eastern Caribbean. Yippee!!! Now you just have to decide what to pack!? That should be fun.
I am keeping your medical records until after you leave for staging. So, please let me know of ANY small (or not so small) change in your health or medications.
And I'm always available to answer any questions.
Directly below this message is the "official" medical clearance letter. Please read it carefully.
And have an amazing adventure—Mary 

The PC medical staff has been wonderful to work with.  They were always helpful, responded in timely manner, and were clearly eager to make things work out for me.

In saying this is the best email I have received, I acknowledge that my memory for emails, and many other things, is poor. But I think years from now I will be able to recall reading this email and it will stand as the email to which all others will be compared.