A Good Week / by Alan Strathman

February seemed to last 45 days instead of 28.  And for many weeks the semester felt like it was creeping by. These were the result of winter and having something exciting four months off.

Fortunately February passed,  March began, and the forecasters say the weather will warm up tomorrow. Plus this weekend the True/False Film Fest is on. For years now T/F weekend has been my favorite weekend of the year.

Last week I started packing away things that will go in storage.  I am planning on selling or giving away almost everything I own but there is some artwork that has sentimental value to me and I would hate to lose it.  Once I was done I realized that those three tubs constituted about 85% of all the stuff I am keeping.  Then I donated a bunch of books to the library and started a garage sale box.  All this helped time go by a little faster and allowed me to relax a little about getting the rest of the work done.

This week has been a week of good news. On Tuesday, Mary, the Peace Corps nurse who is handling my case, emailed to say that all of my health documents have been reviewed and approved.  This was a huge relief. Later that day I checked my blood pressure at a little health kiosk at a grocery score and discovered that my BP was insanely low (for me), 124/84. Finally, I talked with a woman in Columbia who is willing to take the boys when I leave for the PC in EC.  She was contacted by my vet because they know she is a dachshund lover and treats her dogs very well. This was also a huge relief.

I rarely feel like I have to have good news to have a good day. But it certainly helps.