Quitiritis! (What?) / by Alan Strathman


No need to worry--I am not undressing in front of my class.  My class is at 12:30 pm; many students eat lunch before coming to class and I wouldn't want a lot of students throwing up. Also I am interested in having my job for the last six weeks of the semester.  It would seem a shame to keep my job for 24.8 years and then lose it in the last .2.

However, the cartoon does reflect a fairly (or, very) strong desire for the semester to move along quickly and end.  This feeling I have termed "quitiritis." What? Quitiritis.  Let me explain.  First you have to know that I have termed what I am doing "quitirement."  That is, I am too young to officially retire and saying I am quitting does not capture the fact that I have been at Missouri for 25 years. Not quite quitting and not quite retiring. Thus, quitirement. 

Now for the "-itis" part. Seniors (for instance in high school or college) who are close to graduating experience senioritis: A desire to be done with school. And I am experiencing quitiritis: A desire to finish teaching and begin my Peace Corps training.

Let me say, though, that the professor in the cartoon looks kind of cute in his  tighty-whiteys.