I'm Updating My Resume / by Alan Strathman

I am updating my resume. No, not to include my PC experience.  But rather to add "Steel Pan Drummer." Yes, that's right, now that I just finished my first performance I can say that I play the steel pan.  The Laborie RC Church hosted the "Gospel Explosion" tonight and the Laborie Steel Pan was, if I may say, the highlight.

When I say Laborie Steel Pan I should clarify that tonight we played with the Junior Steel Pan. That's right, me, Doug (my 43-year old friend and fellow PCV), and 20 children, aged about 8.  I think we stood out. When it comes time for the yearly steel pan competition, called Panorama, we will play with the Senior Steel Pan. And then I will only be 30, instead of 40, years older than the rest of the band.

I am surprised to notice it has taken me this long to tell you that playing tonight was SO MUCH FUN.  I am not sure I have ever described anything as being a blast, but this was a total blast.  I just loved it.   I've played on many sports teams but never with a band.  And I can't wait to play again.

Because we were playing at the Gospel Explosion at the Catholic Church, our playlist had a distinctly Christian feel. We played "I'm Trading My Sorrows," I've Decided to Follow Jesus," and, "When Jesus Says Yes."  Please no one mention this to the rabbi. Or, any sort of supreme being for that matter.

A month or so ago, someone from somewhere was visiting and was making a donation to the band and so we played a few songs for this person.  I have two videos of that.  You will notice that most of the kids are still in their school uniforms.  I wasn't playing since I had not learned the songs yet. But you can see Doug playing the bass drums in the back. By the way, I play the cello drums, a baritone instrument.

The videos are too large to upload to this site so I put them on YouTube. Go here for the first one and here for the second. See if you can name that tune from the second video.  The first person to comment with the name of the tune will get a special prize--maybe a postcard from me, which would be special insofar as I haven't sent any yet.

Alan Strathman, Steel Pan Drummer

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