You're Not in Kansas Anymore, Part VI / by Alan Strathman

I continue to clean out the library at my school.  We have many, many books that were not appropriate for a primary school library.  I wrote about the library on September 6th and September 9th so look back for a little library history.  I have already thrown out hundreds of books that don't belong and no one else wants. The shelves are still mostly full and we have 10 boxes and 2 barrels full of books.  But many of those books are not ones I want on the shelves here.

During the cleaning I had another "You're Not in Kansas Anymore" moment:

Though not a literal translation, you could replace "Hemorrhagic" with "Death" to get a clearer sense of what DHF is like.  By the way, Dengue is pronounced "DEN-gay," or "DEN-gee." Many people here have had Dengue Fever.  It is extremely unpleasant but not fatal. Think worst flu you can imagine.  But DHF is another story.  So it is worthwhile to know how to prevent it and I will have a couple of copies in the health section of the library.

And in case you wonder what a fun activity to prevent DHF would be, here:

Yes, my feet.

Yes, my feet.

At some point I will blog about the relationship Lucians have with trash and I will refer you back to this picture