Hockey Night in the Caribbean / by Alan Strathman

When I was growing up in Canada I spent every Wednesday and Saturday nights watching Hockey Night in Canada.  This was nothing different than what any other young Canadian did. Then I moved to the U.S. and that was the end of Hockey Night 9in Canada.

When I moved into my apartment in St. Lucia, I learned that my cable service included both CBC and CityTV.  So tonight I am, once again, watching Hockey Night in Canada. For possibly the first time in 40 years.  And what game is on? Toronto Maple Leafs versus Montreal Canadiens.  Best game possible.

I am watching tonight after spending the day with the other PCVs at Sugar Beach, one of the nicest beaches around.  The beach is beautiful in part because it is right in between the two highest peaks in St. Lucia, called Gros Piton and Petit Piton.  These names basically translate as big peak and small peak.  Sugar Beach is at the very base of Petit Piton, not far from Gros Piton. The only problem with sugar beach is that there is a very expensive hotel there. This means the drinks are ridiculously expensive.  The local beer, Piton [guess how they came up with that name], is $17 EC  (Eastern Caribbean dollars) at Sugar Beach but back home in Laborie you can get Piton at a price of 3 for $10. This makes the beer at Sugar Beach more than 5 time more expensive than in Laborie.  Too much for PCVs.