whack: to murder; also clip, hit, pop, burn, put a contract out / by Alan Strathman

From time to time I have written about ways in which life is different in St. Lucia than it was in the U.S. Here is the most recent one: I know a person who has a hit out on him.  Legitimately. Officially, if such things were formalized.

Here's the story.  When I go to the beach in Laborie, which I do often and usually with my friend and fellow PCV Doug,  we typically stop at a little bar right on the beach called The Merry Yeti.  I know, the name alone almost calls for a hit.  We are friendly with the couple who own the bar.  I came to the bar one day after a swim and there was anxiety in the air.  I asked Selma what was up and she said that Patson had been jumped by three guys with cutlasses.  A cutlass is what is called a machete in the U.S.  Like hurricane, cyclone, and typhoon.  The attack occurred on the side of the bar and when Selma heard it happening she leaped over the bar and over the fence and sat on one of the guys.  Since you don't know Selma let me say that this would.......incapacitate someone.  Selma is very nice but she was a police officer for a while and I wouldn't mess with her.

Evidently the three guys were hired by the owner of the bar. Up to about 18 months ago the bar was called something else and was not very successful.  How it could not be successful is a mystery.  You would have to be an idiot not to make money from the only bar on the beach. Anyway, back then Patson and Selma went to the owner and asked, since it seemed that he wasn't much interested in running a bar,  if he would like to rent the bar to them. They signed a contract for 5 years with rent control included and an option for Patson to extend the contract for another 5 years if he wanted.  In the meantime they have made the bar successful and now the owner wants it back.

So the owner hired the first set of guys and has now let it be known, however one lets these things be known, that he will not rest until he has the bar back.  You might wonder where the police are in this matter in which it is public knowledge that one guy is actively trying to have another guy killed.  When Patson talked to the police about the matter the sergeant suggested that Patson just give him what he wants.  What?  How is that the recommended solution for a situation like this?

Doug and I appear more concerned than Patson does,  but they do now close the bar at dusk.

Cutlass aka Machete

Cutlass aka Machete