I got a fish guy! / by Alan Strathman

When I learned I was coming to live in a fishing village I was excited to have fresh fish most days. But getting fresh fish isn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I understand that it used to be very easy to get fish.  Due to dwindling numbers of fish, though, it is just not as easy as it used to be. Fishermen here catch dolphin (what they call Mahi Mahi in the US), tuna, red snapper and a fish called potfish, which is a small very bony fish that I am not interested in.  And they catch lobsters.

I arrived here in Laborie exactly two months ago today.  And in that time  I have asked many people how they get fish.  Most people know someone who goes to sea and can deliver some fish when it is wanted.  But until today I did not have my very own fish guy.  Yesterday I asked my landlady Stella how she gets fish and she said, ""I'll introduce you to my fish guy."  Yes!  That's what I needed.

I had dinner in the village tonight with my friend and fellow PCV Doug.  When we were leaving a guy came up to me and said Stella said I wanted some fish.  And he had a pretty big tuna in a bag.  Fresh and already cleaned.   I had not met him, his name is Dell,  but he figured he knew who Stella was talking about.  And sure enough he did.

So I have a fish guy!  It has also been kind of hard to find lettuce.  All the lettuce at the grocery store is labeled "IP," meaning imported.  What I want is lettuce marked "LP," local produce.  I was asking someone at work about getting lettuce and she pointed to the house next to the school and said all the teachers get their lettuce from that guy.  Really?  I gave her $5 EC and she came back with a nice bunch of lettuce.

So, my diet is getting set.  I prefer to eat fish and salad or fish and vegetables, and sometimes chicken and salad (pronounced sa-LAWD here) for a change.  And I am finally getting to the point where I can do that.  Until now I have been eating a lot of pasta, and lentils and rice, and fresh bread--filling, but too many carbs.

So, good news. Everybody needs a fish guy.  And now I have one.